Saturday, December 1, 2012

The 2012 Crawl

Chanukah begins the evening of December 8, 2012.

Many of us who celebrate Chanukah thought it would be fun to share a bit of ourselves - and our traditions with you.

So we're hosting a Chanukah Blog Crawl.

What is it?

It's kind of like a progressive dinner, only instead of yummy treats, you get yummy tidbits of information and a peek into the Festival of Lights.

Each day a different blogger will host the Crawl, and the participating bloggers -- and their links -- are listed below.

Have you ever wondered what a dreidel is?
Or how to make latkes?
Or maybe why there are 9 candles in a Chanukah menorah?

Here's your chance to read about it - and to get a little glimpse of how your fellow pet bloggers celebrate these magical eight nights.

So look for the badge, visit the blogs - and we hope you enjoy!

Here is the list of participating blogs and the dates they plan to post during Chanukah:

12/8:    The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady

12/9:    Gromek the Cat To-ra

12/10:  A Tonk's Tail - err, Tale...

12/11:  Two stops!
             Meandering Moodys (@danapixie)
            and Hey... It's Jet Here

12/12:  Two stops!
            and Spike the Cat's Blog

12/13: Two stops!
           Terrier Torrent (@GizmoGeoDog)
           and Adopted mom to Chazz the Dog

12/14:  Two stops!
            Catself: Cat to Self, the Conversation
            and Author Darlene Arden's PerPETually Speaking

12/15:  Cat Wisdom 101

We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Season of Light!


  1. Just learned about this today and Gizmo & I will definitely be there...Is there a blog widget we can use on wordpress?

    1. We've been grabbing the Crawl image and using it to link back to this landing page so peeps can see the schedule. We can email it to you if you'd like, or you can copy off this page.
      We're also going to end each of our posts with links back to the previous blogger hosting the Crawl, and to the next's day's blog that's hosting.

      YAY! So glad you'll join us!

      Let us know which day (or days) you'll post and we'll upadte the schedule!

  2. Hi - Jet just told us about your crawl. We will be doing our Hanukkah blog on 8 Dec, but will be watching all the crawlers. Sounds like fun. I will add link to your page. - DogDaz

    1. How nice to meet you! We totally need to hook up for next year's crawl - if you'd like to be added?

  3. We're adding all the links to our Caturday post on Saturday.

  4. Ohh, what a great idea! Happy Chanukah to al!
    Your pals,
    DIane, Cosmo and Rocco

    1. Faraday: *waves madly at Cosmo* HI!!!

      ROCCO! You haz a NAME!!

  5. We heard about your Crawl at Cat Wisdom 101. That's a great idea. Thank you for sharing!